Monday, September 28, 2009

The Kitchen Sink, Too.

I hate my kitchen sink. I mean, I love it, but it has one of those little plant-growie ledge things that is so ugly. Good in theory, but it looks so cheap...What are those called? Ugh... So I decided to start a little make-over for it. Not finished with it yet, but I'm liking it so far.
Pre-fab sink window thingie...

So I decided that I wanted to line the bottom with some cute contact paper. But I didn't have any. And I was not leaving the house without straightening my hair. This sounds ridiculous, I know, but those of you who know about my hair know what I'm talking about. It isn't pretty...
So I decided I would use my handy dandy Purple Cows laminator to seal up some cute scrapbooking paper.

It's not really purple, which is weird. It's kind of a magenta color. But I like magenta, so no complaints here!

I cut down three sheets of paper to fit the base of the shelf, ran them through the machine, and then trimmed down the edges. I used some clear packing tape along the underside to attach the edges together, then laid it down on the shelf.

Voila! Instant success. Color. That won't bleed when I inevitably splash water all over the place. Which I will. It's coming along. Now for a curtain so my creepy peepy neighbor can't see me...

The curtain is made out of one of those ridiculous fat girl dresses that Old Navy pushed on us. You know the kind that has a ridiculously tiny boob patch with a circus tent attached to it so that you look like a fairy god mother or the like? Yeah, and they said, "Oh, it looks great with our chunky belt, on sale, for only $14.99!" "On sale, you say? Well, I must get the belt to go with the dress that I really don't think looks good on my 5' size 16 frame. But the skinny girls get away with it and damn it, so will I!" Yeah, that one. Well, I wore it once. In the house. And now it is hanging on a rod in my kitchen. Where it belongs. Made a handy little pre-hemmed curtain, though! Also, I love this detail, and was secretly very proud of myself for adding it. Not such a secret now.

Well that took forever and a couple of chocolates to get through, but it was a fun little project, and a nice change to my usual body of work. "Body" and "Work" out of my mouth, in the same sentence. Ha, that's funny....


  1. That looks so much better, Britt!! It's amazing what a bit of cute scrappy paper will do. And, way to go making the valance from your old dress. I agree...I never buy those things because they look so much better on the tall, skinny people. I always look too chubby and stubby so I stay away from those things. Have a great day!!

  2. What a cool idea! I am so stealing the paper thing! I hate my window too, I wish the old owners had left the reg window.