Friday, September 4, 2009

Martha Stewart Saves My Life or My Scattered Thoughts Are A Little Less Scattered

I don't know about you, but if I don't write my super important thoughts down immediately after thinking them, they will fly out of my head much like my constant "You should go on a diet" thought. That one never sticks. Sometimes I even think it, and then go immediately to the freezer for some Chunky Monkey. I think this is normal.

In order to remember anything that I intend to do, I must write it down and keep it someplace I will always know to look. I used to have a constant grey haze on my hand from all the Sharpie (I love these) reminders I'd scribble on it. But that only worked if I never had to pee. If I peed, then I'd wash my hands - thus grey haze instead of clear reminders.

So, when I found these sweet little lifesavers I snatched them up. Literally, I bought every pack they had. At $1 for three, who could pass them up? Why were they even still on the shelf? Crazy, disorganized Big Lots shoppers... Did they not see the potential?

Anyway, I love 'em! They are small enough to put in my purse (But let's be honest, I could fit a toddler in my purse), solid white paper inside (No pesky lines. And can I tell you I was constantly searching for these all six years I was in school to no avail. Every cute journal on the planet had lines. Figures. argh.) and they are soft-covered with cutesie little designs on them. In a word, they are PERFECT. So I slapped a Thicker title on them and take 'em everywhere with me. Now the only grey haze I see is in the air in Fresno...


  1. I picked up some of the larger ones at Big Lots. I usually have to write stuff on my hand to remember stuff because once it goes into my purse, it is never to be seen again!


  2. Whoa - one MORE shop we need to immediately import to Sweden?! I like them - and how clever to mark them up with thickers like that - way cute! :D