Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bella Blvd, Sneaky Peeky, and Chocolate. Lots of Chocolate.

Monday began my Bella Artista week over at the Bella Blvd. Blog. Have you checked the Blvd out? It's amazing - complete with cute mini mascot and everything!

Anyway, I found out a few months ago that I would have the honor of serving as a guest designer and that a bundle of goodies would be on its way for me to complete some super fun projects. What a bundle of goodies - so many fun and adorable papers, stickers, and the Blooms a Bella? So stinkin' cute!

Today at Bella they are featuring a project I did as a memorial to my cat. Yes, I am a cat person. But I love me a good dog, too - just ask Eric. Kona, you can live at my house any old time you feel like it! I digress...

The challenge presented to me was to make a page with hearts and butterflies using the Flirty collection. Now, you may be wondering how such a feminine collection fits a male cat named Lucifer. I understand. It's a little strange. Well, somehow he always managed to find my "pretty things" and plop right down on them. Anything from the one and only pretty bra I own (cuz let's face it, getting these girls in anything less that an industrial strength harness made by some German company called Olga is a near impossibility) to stretching out right on top of a frilly, pink, glittery layout was fair game for him. I figured that since he always wanted to be around the pretty things, the Flirty collection was just perfect for him! Oh, and for clarification, it's Lucifer as in "Lucifer, come here! You mean ol thing..." Cinderella style - no satanic undertones. Promise.

Here he is:

Anyway, be sure to check out Bella, take a look at some of the amazing projects the other Bella Artistas have done, and if you love it all as much as I do, be sure to tell your LSS about them!

In other news, I am quickly finishing up my very first mini-from-scratch. Scrappers Depot in Napa is letting me play with the beautiful Earth Love collection from Cosmo Cricket. I'm mixing in bunches of other fun stuff, too. Fabrics, laces, burlap ricrac, a host of fun punches, and you might even find some chocolate in there. Because let's face it - it's necessary.

The mini is called "My Great, Full List." It's currently about three inches thick and is only getting bigger. (That's what she said - I know you Office people hear me!) The class will be offered mid-November - I'll let you know more when I know more!

Oh, and the chocolate I mentioned? Well, I made six dozen chocolate chip cookies yesterday. Why six dozen, you ask? Well, we bought butter at Costco, and it was just sitting there... I haven't made them in about six months because the 100 or so batches I made before that all turned out crappy. I gave up, declared there would be no more chocolate chip crappies in this house! And yesterday the temptation was just too great...

They turned out good, in case you were wondering. DF tood three dozen to the office today. Hopefully I don't eat the other three dozen before he gets home tonight. I've had three for breakfast so far... Seems balanced to me.


  1. GORGEOUS!!!!!! love all of it!!! ...and congrats on being an artista!!! your stuff rocks!!!


  2. It all looks so good, and I love what you did with the Earth Love paper. And, don't feel badly about eating some cookies for breakfast- I have done that more than a time or two :) That Bella paper is adorable, wish my store would carry some, I think it would be perfect for my girlie girls!!

  3. love that lucifer page :D

    great mini album, love your spiral flower and tulle :D

  4. I'm just a simple galOctober 29, 2009 at 9:37 AM

    great layout and love your mini!

  5. Your Bella work was beautiful! I hope to have more creations from you some day! Thanks for sharing the story on your personal blog.

  6. Love that Bella LO Britt! But then, it's all good stuff!