Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Well Sally," said Ned, "I think this is the end of our road. It's been real, babe."

Poor lobsters. Poor decapitated lobsters. Poor delicious lobsters. This was the messiest, tastiest, almost-bloodiest, butteriest meal I've ever had. Joe's Crab Shack in Old Sacramento is now a tradition for Mom and I. We went there last year after the Scrapbook Expo, and there's just something about sitting out on the deck with the bridge bell ringing, pigeons pecking at your feet hoping for some stray scrap of crab to fall into their mouths, and the servers constantly breaking into dance that just made the day complete. Probably not so appealing for Sally and Ned.

After lunch we drove up to Rocklin for the Green Tangerines sale, and of course I forgot my $5 gift certificate. Such a "me" thing to do... Did you know they're having a call for crafty people? They're going to be launching a new section of the store dedicated to handmade crafters. Think Etsy - that's what it'll be like. If you're interested, go here to take a look and don't forget to download the application form - it's due the 25th of this month! Get crafting, peeps! And you never know, maybe you'll be seeing some Paisley Lane goodies in there, too.

Oh! Went to Winters today to scope things out and found this public sale for charity. How much do you love towns that come together to support a cause? I got 100 yards of pink lace for $1 and I feel pretty, oh so pretty...

More to come tomorrow. Oh, and that fun news I said to look out for today got canceled at the last minute. This sounds bad but is oh so exciting - you'll see why next Thursday. Promise this time - I think...


  1. Sounds like a great time. hey, I think you meant to say " a stray SCRAP of crab" and not a "stray crap of crab" lol. :)

  2. i haven't been there in a while. looks good tho.

    i went to the GT sale too. :) picked up some fun things.

    how was the expo?