Friday, October 30, 2009

Studio Snapshots

Today's my last reveal day over at Bella Blvd.'s Blog - so sad and exciting at the same time. Today you'll get to see a layout and my scrap space. Be sure to check it out!

Here's my studio:

It's a little embarrassing showing photos of my current studio because everything is just sort of half-unpacked, half-done, and shoved wherever it fits. I was told not to drill/hammer/screw or glue anything to the walls as we're just renting for a little bit until our house is ready, but after a couple months of boring walls I said, "Screw it!" Literally.

This is the space that guests (meaning my Mom, because Eric does his best to stay away from such girliness!) usually sits and jabbers with me, although my hex quilt has been sitting there staring at me for days! I keep all my mementos hidden inside the trunk of the coat rack, and my swiftly shrinking collection of smut novels on top. My magazine rack was a super find for $10, the little dresser was a $3 hard sale discovery from my sis, and the vintage case hold nothing - I just think it's super cute!

Below is my desk/Inspiration place. Careful, don't blink or it will look totally different when you open your eyes! This is where I put together all of my projects, so it is crammed full of those immediate-need sort of things. My favorite thing in the world is my pink lamp and my framed pinchusion! LOVE THAT-and easy to make! The wall below the shelf is a constantly revolving inspiration station. It has everything from great graphics to funny quotes!!! Projects in progress are parked in the 12x12 plastic trays on the right.

Love me my paper rack! Another $3 yard sale find that I have yet to paint. Papers are organized by manufacturer. Thank the Lord (and my future in-laws) for my tabloid printer - where would I be without it?

I keep all of my inks and ribbons in these two wall cubbies and use only Ranger Distress Inks and inexpensive Studio G $1 inks - they do the job!

I put the desk perpendicular to the wall to create another little space for sewing. Another half-finished project - will eventually be yellow to match the bench. Hanging wall storage is from Ikea. This is probably the most versatile system I have. It started out in my kitchen in college, and will eventually hold all of my quilts. For now it is the perfect spot for draping fabrics, aprons-in-progress and future embroidery projects!

Well, that's all, folks! It's small and definitely crammed in there, but I love it all! I am so lucky to have a space that is just for being crafty. I am a happy lady!

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a great weekend!


  1. what a great little space - you've managed to use every inch of it to meet your needs :D awesome!

  2. I am so jealous! My craft space is...large. Which is about the only positive thing I can say about it! Yours is so organized, everything has it's place. You've motivated me to clean up my act! One of these days I'll post a photo of my new and improved craft room...:)

  3. Hey Brittny! Love your studio and your blog! Your work looks gorgeous. So glad you're joining us at SNR! Looking forward to getting to know you :)

  4. I am creating a space for scrap at home, painting and photography: I like yours, very nice.

  5. It's so cute, Britt!! I love that it's so clean and organized, love that you have layouts up on the wall. I really need to get mine cleaned up but the girls sure help mess it up in a hurry. Hey! Where did you get that hemp rick rack? My Hobby Lobby used to carry it and it's my fave but I can't find it anywhere now.

  6. OK I can't get over how organized and freakin cute this is. You ARE coming to help me decorate my house because decorate?? Me? Yeah not so much. Anyways, saw this and thought of you Can't wait to see you!!!

    xoxo Kel

  7. Oeh, love your craft space! Like a lot the cans on the wall with magnets, looks great and colorful!

    Hugs, Wendy