Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hiipity Hoppity Hopperoo!

Howdy, Hoppers!

So good of you to stop by! I'm so excited you could join us for t
he first ever All About Me Blog Hop! Did you enjoy visiting Iris? Yowza, she has got some amazing pages!!!

By now you are all up to date on today's challenge "I Just Can't Live Without..." Here's my layout:

Journaling reads: "Just can't live without the other weirdo in my life - Katie."

So, what can't you live without? Chocolate? High heels? Your honey? Show us what you just have to have! Leave a comment with a link to your layout and I will randomly select one of you to win a fabulous prize! Become a follower of this blog for another entry. Become a follower of the All About Me Blog for yet another entry. Just come back here and leave another comment to let me know about the additional entries you earned. So many chances to win this awesome prize! Wanna know what it is?

Well, if you saw my studio on Bella Blvd.'s Blog, then maybe you noticed this little bit of goodness:

It's my very favoritest thing in my whole studio right now - my vintage wall pin cushion! I love this thing! It houses all those adorable pins and when you need one, no having to dig around to find one, poking yourself in the process - they're right there to say, "Pick me!" I made another one just exactly like it, and it's up for grabs to you!

So remember to leave those comments by 1o pm PST on November 6th for your chances to win!!

Here's some fun little facts for you to ponder about the weirdness that is me:

1. My childhood ambition: To be a country singer. Secretly, still is...
2. My retreat: The studio. I just bunker down in there until the storm passes.
3. The perfect day: Sleep late. Wake up and pillow talk with the DF. Breakfast. Go for a drive in the Cobra. Picnic lunch. Picnic smooching :) Ice Cream and window shopping. Movie. Dinner out. Home. More pillow talk.
4. My first job was: Hmm... this is a hard one. Of course babysitting goes without saying. My first job in college was the best one - I ran errands and cleaned house for a crazy lady. She paid me what she thought I deserved. My biggest paycheck was after I sat with her for seven hours watching Fox News when we went to war in Iraq. $32/hour. Nuff said.
5. My wildest dream: Oh that's a tough one. Singing on a stage Reba style is probably the most "out there" dream of mine.
6. If my life was a musical it would be called: Annie Get Your Glue
7. My proudest moment: Being the first in my family to graduate from College - Yeah, Baby!
8. My favorite item of clothing: All four pairs of yoga pants. I very rarely do yoga, but they're so comfy.
9. I feel ready for the day when I: Put on mascara.
10. I COULD live without: Cellulite. Who needs it? Really...

Well kids, it's been real! Don't forget to grab up as many entries as you can for the chance to grab up that cute little pin cushion! Now head on over to Arlene's Blog for some teeny terrors!! Don't be scared, she doesn't bite.


  1. Britt, I really love your sense of humour. You're layout is tops and, can I please have a bit part in your musical? x

  2. What a fun layout Britt! It makes me happy to look at it!

  3. Annie get your glue! awesome funniness. What were you two eating?!?!

  4. you're so cool!you just are!not weird-just cool!

  5. Oh yes---I drooled over your room on the Bella Blvd. Blog! I would LOOVE one of those pin cushions!!! So cute! Will you post directions for those of us not lucky enough to win one!? :)

  6. Love your fun, whimsical page and your great answers :) Glad to get to know you better!

  7. Hi Britt! It's nice to "meet" you =) First, I have to say I love your playlist! Second, your pin cushion is super cute. Third, it's awesome to meet another "young" scrapbooker! =)

  8. Britt that pin cushion is adorable. Love your work. You have a great sense of humor. Loved visiting with you. Oh yes that scrappy retreat of yours is just gorgeous.

  9. What a fun layout and terrific photos - makes me smile all over reading your blog :) GORGEOUS stamping space! I am a follower so I can continue to be inspired by your layouts, etc ..... TFS!

  10. LOVE your blog... cant wait to settle in and read back a while. Im new to AAM but now have a heap more blogs to follow and fun new challenges. :)

  11. You are just so adorable Britt. Love those weird facts. So cute

  12. Iris, your blog was incredibly witty and entertaining! I love your LO - it looked like so much fun but that vintage pin cushion in your studio - I LOVE THAT - ooh, that's a beauty! The fun things in your list - you are a riot! Thanks for sharing the fun!

  13. Don't you hate when people get your name wrong...sorry, I meant Britt (I was on Iris' page prior...)..yeah, I know...ditzy I am... :D

  14. Loved seeing your space on the Bella blog! Love that pincushion! Super cute idea! Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Hooray 3 Entries for me. I am loving this blog hop and this weeks challenge at AAM. I am a follower of you and AAM And here is my link :
    I also uploaded it to AAMs Mr. Linky. Hope you love it!

  16. Oh! cool layout! Nice to be here in your blog.

  17. your layout is so much fun Britt!

  18. Love the layout! I am a new follower to your blog, been a follower on the AAM blog, and if you want to see my layout check out my blog please!

    Thanks for the chance to win the lovely pin cushion!!

  19. Hi Britt, I think I'll stick around for some more fun. The link to my "I can't live without" is
    Thanks for the inspiration, Carolyn

  20. Fabulous layout and an amazing scrap space!!