Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just keep swimming....

As you can see, I'm making some changes. Bear with me. Let me know if there's anything weird going on. I was so embarrassed the other day when I got on my fiancee's laptop, and my background only filled half the screen! Has that happened to you? Mortified.

Anyway, I'm tired of maintaining two sites, so I'm going to combine the website with the blog. It serves absolutely no purpose at all to have a website, but it costs the same as if I just paid for the domain name, so what the heck. I hate html, but I'm learning, so hopefully it will grow on me.

Any suggestions?


  1. UR gr8!

    Took me so long to get signed in to google that I ran out of steam.

    Love your Playlist.

    Thanks for the Christmas inspiration.

  2. just letting you know that i was in town, and i stopped by GT... and i picked up some of your M Bellies... soooo cute! i plan on using it... and i'll def share it with you when i use it! :)