Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Mark

Here is the new challenge over at the All About Me Challenge Blog. Check it out!

We all have a mark. We all leave a mark. And these marks say something about us all. Do you have a scar or tattoo or birthmark? Is it in a fun place? Does it make you happy or does it bring up sad memories? Have you left your mark on someone else? Someplace else? Well, we want to hear
all about it. The good. The bad. The happy. The sad. Tell us about your mark and what it says about you!

My mark is the tattoo I got on my right foot a couple years ago. It says "1 Corinthians 16:14" which is "Let all the things you do be done in love." Of all the scars I have, this is the only one I asked for. Tattoos were always a little taboo in my family, so when I got my first tiny little heart on my tush, I was a little afraid to tell my mom. After she got used to it, though, she ended up really liking it. So much so that she went with my little trend and got one of her own. Where, you ask? Her a$! Love it! This is my second tattoo - and probably my last. It is the most painful thing that has ever been done to me. Worth it, but not a second time. It serves as a great reminder to me and I am so glad I have it!

This might be an emotional topic for you, but I really encourage you to get it out. Do you have more than one mark? Do a mini album about them!

Check out what the design team created using this challenge!

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  1. Awesome page, Britt, and I really like how you did the ruffle :)