Saturday, December 5, 2009

Have I told you...

That I am a glutton for punishment? Seriously...

So I decided a few months ago that hand sewing a hexagonal king-sized duvet cover was surely the most sane thing on earth I could do with my time. Ugh... I saw it first here and just thought, I can do that! I didn't read what Alicia actually had to say about the project - that she'd start small because it would be crazy to attempt anything bigger than a pillow case or placemat. No no, I didn't go back and read that until later, when my fingers felt like I could just crumple them up and throw them in the trash. WHY GOD?!?!

Anyway, after I decided that hands are just hands and what are they for if not for destroying on a daily basis, I went digging through my stash to add lots more colors and textures to my blossomy pile of pain. I have fabric leftover from the curtains I sewed for mom's studio, and the first pillows I sewed for my dorm room freshman year, the kitchen curtains I bought for Eric and my first house together (he hated them on the rod, so naturally they needed to go into our duvet cover, right?) and a few other nostalgic fabric remnants I've kept over the years. Then I went to **gasp** Jo-Ann's and bought a couple of coordinating solids and a few fat quarters to add to the mix, and then my first-ever Heather Bailey fabric from my little quilt shop in town.

After I finished cutting the stack of 2.5"x2.5" blocks, and regained use in my hands, I printed out my hexagonal papers and cut them out. Alicia gave a link to a great little online shop to buy pre-cut hexagon papers, but I figured, why not just save some money? And quite honestly, I didn't want to wait for them to ship. I'm that impatient. So I hopped onto Photoshop and made my own one-inch hex template - fast and easy. Here it is, if you want it, just remember to print it out as an 8.5x11. You'll need about a million of the little buggers, to do anything of a size that's worth anything...

After I stitched a bunch of the blossoms together I ended up with this sweet little stack of optimism - I'd made it that far, so surely I could just keep on going, right? Well, no, not really, because that sweet little stack needed a cute little dish to sit in, so off shopping I went in search of the perfect little dish. $5 at Ross later, I had it. It's just the right shade of blue. It's exactly the right size. It's perfect, dontcha think?

I'm hoping that this little undertaking will not take me the entire course of my natural life to finish. My goal is to have the top finished by the end of January. If I'm really lucky. Like, as lucky as this woman. Have you seen this?? Crazy!

Anyway, thanks for hanging in there - hopefully I'll have something amazing to show you soon.

Happy Saturday!!

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  1. i love all the in progress shots :D

    what a huge project to take on, hopefully you get a chance to finish it :D