Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 1

Ok, so we're here. After hours of driving in some incredibly disgusting weather. We had rain, we had wind, we had hail... we had fun! Since the Grape Vine was closed, we had to detour around through Mojave and since we were all feeling a little woosie and pukey we decided that surely the best cure would be to stop and have milkshakes, malts, and french fries.

Can I just say, these were the BEST french fries I've ever had. Ever. I don't want to think about what they were dipped in prior to being fried or what kind of animal fat they were fried in for that matter, but oh... YUM. De-lish-us!

This is what the hotel parking lot looked like. Apparently SEI likes the Holiday Inn... Yeah, all three trucks are SEI. Are you excited to see that booth now? I am! THREE trucks?!? I wonder how many trucks EK Success is bringing...

So, crappy picture, but this is what the drive up to the convention center looks like. Good thing I'm a handitard - I got to park extra close so we didn't have to freeze completely to death, just a little to death...

We saw lots of fun booths today, and of course I forgot to take a pic with Amber at her booth with her new paper lines - and ooooh! are they cute! I can't wait to work with them!

We did get a pic with these two lovelies - Angela and Michelle of Unity Stamps. They have a new venture called Ippity, and man, they are great. Super high quality stamps, amazing designs, and they are fun! We must have stayed for an hour blabbing at Michelle, poor thing. But here's some good news - I'll now be using the entire new collection to make some awesome projects, and, drum roll, please - you'll be able to buy them right here through my blog! These lines aren't available in stores so stay tuned to see all of the fun designs! I'll post more on this after CHA.

More tomorrow. But no promises - it's gonna be a dooooooozy of a day, and let's face it, I might just come back and pass out on the floor in a heap of scrappy overloadediness. It's a word - as of now.


  1. I'm sure you had a lot of fun, Britt!
    Can't wait to hear some more and see some more pics!

  2. Oh wow, wish I could be there and having so much fun as you girls have. Thanks for the pics, will keep following your adventures!

  3. that looks sooooooooooo fun and the SEI trucks WOW! :D

  4. oh, Britt, I miss you already!!! You're too cute :) I hope you have an incredible time there and come back with all kinds of fabulous pictures and news for us.

  5. how exciting, love your blog look!

  6. How awesome!!! I am so envious here! Thanks for posting pics and can't wait to hear and see more :D