Friday, January 15, 2010

Random is Good!

Life is good. Life with the DF is even better. And no Grammy, I am not referring to the Dumb Fu$k. I am talking about my Dearest most Darling Fiancee. Randomly he went to the store and came back with roses. This almost never happens. I mean, I always get flowers on special occasions. And not just one boquet - he usually gets me three, and hides them throughout the house. Yes, ladies, he can be a doll. He can also be a royal pain in the ass more often than not. But sometimes... well, sometimes he is just a doll. It helps, I suppose, that he has guilt about going out of town in search of car parts tomorrow. Whatever, I'm not complaining! My studio smells delish, I get to be crafty aaaaallllll day tomorrow, and I can crank up the heat to temperatures that would otherwise cook the poor guy.

Yes, life is good!

So, Herman (the rock I've been living under) just up'd and walked away today, leaving me to discover the wonders of Pioneer Woman. Yeah, I know - where have I been? Well, under Herman, like I said. Anyway, I've been practicing tonight a little bit and I am having sooo much fun! Love the little actions I used on my photo up there, and the possibilities are endless!

In other news, I just thought I'd remind you (both of you) to check back here on Tuesday to see if you've won that amazing kit I'm giving away from The Scrapbook Nook!! I'll be randomly drawing a winner first thing Tuesday morning, so be sure to poke your head in here to see if you're the lucky lady!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love it when the guys are sweet. And, those orange roses? Gorgeous! I hope you're having a fun day without the fiance.

  2. what gorgeous flowers - don't you just love surprises for no reason :D