Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Ippity Kind of Day!

Who's Ippity you ask? Well, let me just tell you.

Ippity is this fun new little division of Unity Stamps, which, if you haven't heard of them you really must emerge from the rock you've been living under. I did. And here's the deal - they are amazing! I have to start by saying that I am not a stamper. Now, I use stamps here and there, but I'm a scrapbooker and let's face it, there's a difference. Part of the reason I've never branched out and really invested in stamping is because I plain just didn't like what was out there. Cute, sure, but not designed to use on a page. BUT THESE ARE! The other thing I love - the quality! These are deeply etched red rubber stamps that come unmounted, pre-cut, and pre-foamed. All you gotta do is stick em on a block!

There will be a new release of these stamps every three months. They will not be available to retail stores - only through us Ippity Chicks! Listed below are the current release stamp sets. Email me at Brittny@PaisleyLane.net to submit your order!

IPK - 109 Fishy Philosophy $24

IPK - 110 Where You Should Be $18

IPK - 111 Regal Greetings $24

IPK - 112 Moon Beam & Heart Strings $24

IPK - 113 Music of my Heart $24

IPK - 114 Sweet Thoughts of Spring $24

IPK - 115 Love in Return $18

IPK - 116 What Matters Most $24

Now that you've chucked that rock you've been living under, get your party pants on and get ready for some fun!!


  1. Those are so cute! We just might have to talk :)

  2. Love Unity Stamps, these are gorgeous!!

  3. ♥ these! Must find them!!!!