Sunday, May 23, 2010

Buck up, buttercup.

Just made cherry jello with raspberries in it, then mini faux cheese cakes with cherry topping. Did I mention the chocolate cake I made night before last? Some would call this a downward spiral. I call it cleaning out the pantry.

Looked at houses this weekend, following being informed that the house we've spent the last 14 months trying to buy is now being foreclosed on. And can I say, telling someone that and then saying "oops, nevermind," is a terribly cruel joke. Now we've opened our eyes to a whole different town which has all kinds of positives: Great area, closer to mommy dearest, cuts down Eric's drive from 45 minutes to 25, BEAUTIFUL houses which are ready to actually live in, between 2-5 acres, and totally private. Here's one that we looked at:
Yeah, for the record, fake deer are not okay.
Can we say yum? Yeah, this would be my scraproom. Can't you just imagine working in there with all that natural light? Lots of space. I'm in love.

Then we entered back into reality when the Realtor called to say that in fact the house we originally fell in love with is not actually being foreclosed on - it's ours if we want it. And we want it, we do. But... after 14 months there are 6' tall weeds over the entire 5 acres, carpet to be replaced, paint colors to be argued about, holes to patch, cabinets to refinish, exteriors to be painted, sheds to be repaired, fences to be built, and did I mention 5 acres of 6' tall weeds? Yeah.

I'll keep you updated...


  1. I love that second house.. And I'd love to stay in that scraproom all day long!!

  2. Oh,oh.. I will come and help you paint, scrub, and cut those weeds, if you stay up here!!

    Really I will!