Monday, May 31, 2010

Ppp-oor Cinderelly....

I am so not going to any stinkin' ball. Not today. No sir. I am sitting my tush on this couch and watching a full day of Hoarders. Ever get caught in that trap? The show, not the habit!! Just to clarify... It's on all day today on A&E and I just can't help but watch it. Is it sick that I would love to be that organizer to go through it all? It is, isn't it? Whatev.

Anyway, yesterday was so exhausting, but also really satisfying. We only spent about six hours at the house, but by the end we were SO DONE. Eric and his dad worked on the outside, chopping down weeds, blowing weeds away, and ripping down Christmas lights off the house and trees, while this girlie went in circles inside. I can't even tell you about the stuck-on goopy crap that was on almost every surface. UGH. But with my trusty razor blade, bucket and scrubby sponge, not to mention the most stringent cleaner I could find, that place came shockingly clean. Which was great, but really pissed me off at the same time. This poor house looked like some old gross place, when really, it is in great shape, it's just the nasty people who lived there who allowed it to accumulate so much. And more than that, they went out of their way to spill all over the place to make as big a mess as possible for someone else to clean up. ARGH. OH! And did you see the horses in that picture up there? Yeah. We don't have any. Ehem, 'scuse me, but could you come pick up your load and cart it off, please? We kinda need to weed out there...

I really should have taken more pics of the rest of the house - especially inside. I can't wait until it is at a point where you can look at the original photos and think, "No way! That's what this place used to look like?!?" Mom, you would be proud. Terri, you've been recruited. Cinderella, you've met your match...


  1. Oh have your work cut out for you, but you can totally work your magic and get that house all super cute!

    My mom lives in Orland, so I will have to swing by sometime on my way to visit her and see your progress.

    :) :)

  2. I can't wait to come over and help!
    I work until Thursday, Kourtnee's Graduation is Friday, and we are are having her party on Sat. (which you two are invited to)
    So, after that is done and over with, I will be right over!