Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cheese is just so darned handy.

Recently, Fresno (where my mom lives) got a Fresh and Easy. Great place. Cheap cheese.

One of our favorite things is a good 'ol fashioned bake round of brie with roasted fruits and now that Mom's discovered the cheap cheese store, we've got a few little brie houses laying around. And we can't have that. No, we must use any and all containers for something crafty. Especially if you can put a mini album in it.

And with this little cheese house, you can definitely make a mini.
I used Stampendous stamps to make those flowers, which was something a little new to me, but so much fun!

LOVE Cosmo's Ready Set Chip letters, and how perfect do those Creative Impressions smooth bling work with the Delovely collection?

I managed to sneak in a bit of Material Girl in there - love my crafty times!!

Just can't live without foam dots. These little Mark Richards gems are pretty awesome, too. They're not rhinestones or pearls. They're like little dew drops - so cute and they come in different sizes.

Smooch Spritz - I'm learning...

Love the Tiny Type Cosmo's making now!

I wish I could make my handwriting a little more like Ali Edwards, but oh well!

Doilies are fun to play with.

I like asymmetry. But not everyone does. Does it bug you?

The End.


  1. Hey Britt, looks like I will need to buy some Brie!! Such a great little book -- any kits available?

  2. what a great place for a mini album :D

    love it :D