Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is me.

Hi. I don't think we've been properly introduced. See I'm Brittny - Britt for short. I go by Britt because, well, nobody ever spells the whole thing right. I always get asked if my name is spelled correctly, even after I've just written it myself. So Britt works.

Anyway. I started making these quick little videos for's kit club when I was accepted to the DT at the beginning of this month. And I'm liking it. So I've decided to start sharing them here with you.

And this is me. It's so weird to see a video of someone when you've only seen stills of them before. And let's face it, the photos I post of myself are the best ones I can get. The videos however are complete with double chins, wiry flyaway hair, and sometimes even a little too much cleavage. If you know me you know that sometimes I just can't keep the girls in line. I try. I really do. But sometimes there is still a severe case of inappropriocity.

Blanket appology.

So here's the damn video already. Hope you like it. Let me know if there's anything you want to learn how to do - maybe I'll make a video out of it!

Be sure to check out Noel Mignon's layout blog for lots more good stuff!


  1. Great video! As seasoned as a scrapper as I am I have never done this! and have tons of floss I have never used so thanks! just a tip if your posting more video's to your blog in the future, you should instruct readers to turn off your blog background music prior to playing the video. I had both going at the same time and was trying to listen to the video and scrambling to figure out how to pause your blog background music at the bottom of your page.

  2. nice breasticles Britt. ;-)

    Your videos are seriously fantastic...keeping being cool!

  3. Loved it britt. Have been wanting to know how to do blanket stitch for a while now!!!