Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hangin' in there...

Okay peeps. I'm here. Sorta. Today is the first day that I am home at 11 am.


But I must clarify that I am only home right now, and not back at the Winters house repainting my soon-to-be studio (another story, another time) because Eric has hijacked my car. And I am therefore totally and completely on my own. I'm refraining from handling sharp objects, chewing gum and walking, and generally anything that could lead to tragedy.

It occurs to me now as I am watching Flipping Out on Bravo On Demand that I am #1) In love with this show, #2) I totally need to get to work.

Tomorrow is my day to post over at NoelMignon.com, so I'm gonna get my ass in gear and get something made!!!!

I'll post house pics as soon as I can convince Eric to be in at least ONE of them. Men...


  1. flippin out is the best...
    damn it i keep forgetting to record it

  2. so when is the housescrapwarming weekend then huh huh huh :-D