Saturday, November 13, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside!

And I only brought flip flops with me! Seriously, I am so dumb sometimes when it comes to the weather and packing. I just think, "Well, it's Fresno, so that means it's always hot." As if I wasn't born and raised here and know just how gross the winters can be, too. But, in my defense, this "winter" hasn't been very wintery, has it? I can't remember a time that I went barefoot outside in November! On the bright side, the heating bill is gonna be super cheap, and I've been able to put off winter clothes shopping because clothes shopping of any kind is my least favorite thing in the world to do. Aside from maybe cleaning cleaning monstrous potato bug carcasses off of the garage floor. Cuz I've had to do that a few times recently, and EEW! Those things should be wiped off the face of Earth. Fo Sho.

In other news, I finally opened my little store at the Palace Courtyard, which I just can't help but call "the merc" as Auntie Weezuh did. It's my little corner of scrappy goodness that you can find lots of page kits, pre-made layouts, open stock paper, greeting cards, gift boxes, hand-made embellies and just general yumminess. For those of you who live in the Fresno area, be sure to check it out! I'm in Victoria Court right before the Red Hatters. I'll be restocking with lots of seasonal goodies very soon!!

Sorry for the crappy pics - all I had was my phone!

And here it is! My mom and I are Queen Crammers. We fit so much into the little postage stamp sized booth I got and wow!

This is the drawer of "By the Yard" with all kinds of vintage spools and lace and tickets. Yum!

More goodies to come!
Happy Saturday!


  1. How fun, Britt! Congrats to you and your little store. I hope it does really well.

  2. Ooh congrats it all looks VERY yummy! My type of yummies.
    Kristy xo