Tuesday, November 30, 2010

If I only had a kid...

Okay moms, break out the piggy banks! This is the cutest children's luggage I have ever seen!

Seriously. A pink Hippo that is not only adorable, it is also and pillow and blanket!! I mean, they just DID NOT have this stuff when I was little...

And I'm so loving the diaper bags for dads! I never imagined a diaper bag with a skull on it, but hey, if he'll carry it then it's totally worth it!

I can't wait for the day that I'll get to buy these things and actually use them. Did you catch that? Yes, that's right, I have brand new teenie tiny white keds in the box, and a crochet beanie that looks like an eggplant (sounds weird, but it's the cutest thing ever) along with a slew of second-hand baby boy clothes a friend gave me. Just sitting there...

Alright, now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


  1. ok as a mother, who has travelled (flying) with kids... when they were little (starting at 4 weeks) up until present day (20/22 yrs) both nationally and internationally

    cute little WHEELIE travel bags for kids are the biggest PITA out there

    yeah they are cute - but backpacks work better until they are about 16 years old

    otherwise guess who winds up trying to wheel the #$$#@%$ things LOL... yep overluggaged Mum and Dad!!

    Can you tell I have been there/done that

    Oh and Britt - they had that cutesy stuff when you were little.. cos my kids had it :-D

  2. Those are really cute. And, one of these days you WILL have a kiddo and be able to spoil them like crazy buying all kinds of cute things.