Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Catchup.

I have to say, it's a very satisfying feeling when I can say, "There's a ballooooooon in the backyard!" to which my husband gives me an "are you nuts?" look and then realizes that there IS in fact a balllllooooooon in the backyard and gives me the sheepish "okay, so you're not nuts" look, thereby confirming my sanity. Sanity officially confirmed.

It's a gorgeous, totally crisp and clear morning. All the ucky rain and clouds are gone (for the moment) and of course that means that the hot air balloons are out in action. We just don't normally have them land in our backyards. And I should clarify that they actually touched down in our next-door neighbors yard. I wonder how that works. Do they have to get permission? You'd think so, wouldn't you? And eew, all that mud out there in that pasture and all those people trudging through it to get into the getaway vehicle. And that's really what it is. This truck comes blazing into the field to gather up the balloon, and a van comes to get all the people, then back to Napa they go. ZOOM.

Side track.

Here's a layout I did a while back that I never posted. It's got my very favorites in it - Cosmo's new Upcycle line and Best Creation's Glitter Basics Dot paper. So yummy.

Also, I am so excited by the most recent addition to our "backyard" - the quotes are because I use this term veeery liberally...

When we moved in, I was so sure we'd have nothing pretty for ages, and then every now and then we have something beautiful like this pop up. AND THEN the rains came, so I cut off all the delicate little blossoms and put them inside to ride out the storm. And OH the house smells gooooood!!!

Okay, so it's 10:45 on Sunday and I only have three more items on my to-do list: Putty and sand the holes in the baseboards that Eric put in last night; Hang the framed wedding pictures in the hall that have been sitting there for two months; and make the adorable ruffled pillows that I saw on the House of Smiths blog the other day. Sounds doable, right? We shall see....

Happy Sunday!


  1. FABULOUS layout!!! Love the mix of CC and BC! I just made a layout with the same collection today!!! SOOOO pretty!