Friday, March 25, 2011

Freebie Friday and a Winner!!

Haaaaaaappy Friday, blogland!

Well, for those of you who sent me the most intriguing, odd, funny, and unusual factoids this last week - THANK YOU!!! It was actually the most interesting response because everyone had something totally different to say and I love to get a chance to learn about you, instead of blathering on about myself all the time. I mean, who doesn't love to blather about themselves, let's be real, but I waaaaay prefer a two-way blatherathon!!

Anyway, let's get down to the nitty gritty, shall we? The winner of the Jenni Bowlin goodies is the person who quite frankly, made me spew diet coke from my nose. Who gave a new meaning to the word perve-stache, and generally made us sisters in arms about our hair-getting-stuck-in-armpits-and-car-doors woes. That's right Kelsey, you're the winner!!

QC Kelsey has left a new comment on your post "Freebie Friday!!!":

Nice Loot!!

Hmmm ...

Brain fart - I got nothing interesting to say! I can't even make anything up ... all my ideas are sitting on the sidelines as they are all for my books. Oh! Here we go:

In the past 5 years, I've gotten my hair cut maybe 5 times. Last time was 2 years ago, time before that was 2 years ago. My hair is super long now - it gets caught everywhere ... pants waist, bra, shirt, elbows, armpits, under my elbows when I lean over (which isn't a very nice way to lose hair ... ouch), and I can barely do anything with it. It sits in a pony tail, a braid that still reaches my rear, or loose (cause that's how my Hubs likes it - all down and loose *yeesh*). I keep threatening to chop it off. I've had everything from a buzz cut to about as long as it is now. I've had every color of the rainbow too. Time after time I tell Hubs to prepare to come home to see it hacked off. Time after time I get too busy and just forget.

Not now. I officially have a hair appointment tomorrow to chop it. Not sure what I'll do - but shaving it all off is out. Hubs has threatened to grow a perve-stache if I shave it, and my Sister has threatened to never shave again if I shave it off. :)

So I'm scared but excited. 4 years of growth (cause 2 years ago when I got it done, I just got a slight trim and color) going bye bye.

So send me your address, girlie and I'll get those goodies out to you asap!!

And now for the next yummy freebie!

It's a bunch of paper from Bo Bunny! And maaaaaaybe a few other surprise goodies as well from my stash of treasures...

This week I want recipes! I need some new ones - I'm sick of tacos! (Unless they're yours, of course, Terri! Wink, wink...) So send me your best recipe to be entered to win! Facebook about it and you'll get another entry! This will run until next Friday, April 1 so be sure to get those entries in!!

Have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. Woo Hoo!
    I'm sending you an email as I'm commenting ...
    Thanks so much for picking me!

    As for a recipe - I love cheese rolls. So here's one for that:

    2 cups grated light sharp cheddar cheese
    8 oz softened cream cheese
    1 tbsp ea finely chopped red & green pepper
    1/2 cup sliced filberts (hazelnuts) toasted
    1/4 tsp ea garlic powder & seasoned salt
    1 tbsp paprika

    Combine all but paprika. Mix well. Form into a log about 1.5 inches wide/thick by 10 inches long.

    Sprinkle paprika on wax paper, roll cheese log in paprika until coated.

    Wrap in plastic wrap and chill. Should cut into about 40 slices. Stand at room temp for about 15 mins before cutting. Serve with crackers!

    Yum yum!

    *snicker* log *snicker*

  2. the perve stache reminds me of my daughter's beard name the "pencil thin douche bag beard" which she says only wierdo's and child molesters have. But,I can see why you spit liquid out your nose on that one. Definitely gonna have to tell my daughter about the perv stache.

  3. Love your work! I wanted to send you a recipe, but it is not for a main is a snack. Great for parties I call it corn dip.

    1 can whole kernel corn
    1 can mexicorn
    1/2 cup mayo
    1/2 cup sour cream
    2 cups finely shredded cheese
    3 stalks green onion - chopped
    1/8 tsp cumin
    1 tbsp taco sauce (not salsa)

    Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and put in the fridge to chill. Eat as a dip on tortilla chips.

    I know it sounds super weird....but you will not be able to stop eating it! It is always a hit when I make it. :)

  4. I give you my favorite brownies recepie. I know it's not for dinner but you want desert as well after your salmon with risotto...... lol!

    This is the best ever and so simple!

  5. My recipe is pretty simple for when I need a quick snack that's filling and has a bit of kick to it.

    1) Boil up a can of chickpeas
    2) Drain and toss with tsp of salt
    3) Pan fry some mustard seed
    4) Chop some red and green chili
    5) Combine everything with a squeeze of lemon.

    I munch on them while watching TV.