Friday, May 6, 2011

Friggin' Freebie Friday....

Is just gonna have to be a Freebie Next Friday.
I have had a no good, very bad last couple of days, thanks to my iphone, and am sooooo looking forward to the National Scrapbooking Day crop at Shell's tomorrow! I'm even gonna just give away both sizes of that Best Creation paper. No choosing necessary. I'll announce the winner next Friday, and in the mean time, leave me another comment to win. Thrill me. Cheer me. Make me stand up and say, "I am a strong, independent woman, who will not be defeated by her iphone!"

Big kiisss...muuuuuuuaaaaah! (in a Maggie Smith, Ya-Ya kind of way.) Those of you who've seen Ya-Ya know what I'm talkin' about, and those of you who haven't, SHOULD!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. i am so sorry to hear that about your phone!!! you are smarter than that dumb smart phone! and a million times prettier :) hope you have a great scrapbook weekend!!

  2. Sorry about the iPhone! Technology! I hope you have a scraptabulous NSD!!!! I can't wait to see all of the great things you will make!!!

  3. Darn iphone! Can you throw it in the toilet and get another one for free? Cause I know that would make me feel better!!

    I got your goodies in the mail, and appreciate it so much!! Thank you!!

  4. OMGosh, girl. Seriously?! WOW. Hoping things get smoother soon!!