Monday, November 7, 2011

Mini Madness is Getting Closer!!

That's right friends!!

Noel and I have decided to push the class back one week so that we all have more time to get that suuuuper adorable Hudson Valley kit in our hands before we get to work on all of our class projects. And I for one am so excited to be using it for the class! I have a stack of seven mini albums/journals/notebooks that we'll be making together in the class, and this extra week just gives me some extra time to make another project to add to the class! So we'll have at least eight projects to make together and I'll be showing TONS of others and explaining how to make them all yourselves. It's gonna be so fun!

It is at this point that I am channeling Agnes in the video below about how much I LOVE what we've got going on here!

We are going to have so much fun learning all kinds of different techniques to make your own mini albums - bindings, materials, long-term and event-focused, project types, and just general awesomeness!!
I am going to be using lots of different materials - many from the upcoming Hudson Valley kit that begins shipping tomorrow, and believe me, you're not going to want to miss it!!

There's nothing I find more satisfying to make than minis, whether they are completely made by hand or start with a pre-fab book. I'll be covering both types, but of course, you will always put your unique spin on it. We'll be doing a little mixed-media, a little stitching, a little padding, a little of everything!!

This will be a great opportunity to make some fun albums for yourself or gifts for friends and family.

I'll be giving out some awesome printables for not only theme albums, but also to-do lists and calendars - you won't want to miss it!!

To register, just email me at and I'll get you all set up with access to our own private classroom at the message boards. OR you can just pay me directly through Pay Pal at and once I have that, I'll just send you a welcome emial with all the info you need. Once you're in the classroom you will find everything you need to get started - a shopping list, printables, and prep info, so you will be ready to go on November 14th!!

Class fee is only $15
Noel will be giving away a $10 shop credit to one lucky student!
Be sure to sign up soon, and pre-order your Hudson Valley kit as soon as possible - go to the message board to see sneaks you won't want to miss!!
Any questions - just drop me an email at or PM me at the message boards. 

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