Thursday, January 5, 2012

Executive Decision

As I lay here in bed, hacking up my left lung and blowing my nose into a rapidly shrinking roll of toilet paper, several things occur to me.
1. This sucks.
2. There is a squigglily line running around the top of the walls in our bedroom, left unpainted because when we painted the entire house (14 months ago) we were going to put up crown molding anyway. Did I mention that was 14 months ago?
3. Along with squiggle walls, there are about nine thousand other projects left to do in our house that have been pushed to the wayside. There are lots of reasons, but the biggest is that I have been trying to do too many things all at once.  And when the important things get half-assed because I’m giving too much of my time to other people for free, that’s when I have to stop and reassess.
The solution: Stop.
Stop giving my time away for nothing but attagirls. Stop worrying about when “it’s going to happen” and just enjoy the moment. Stop adding more projects to the pile than I can reasonably handle. Stop striving for the right “look” and just strive for the best I have in me.
So, for the next six months, I am going to take a step back from the extracurriculars and focus on the have-tos.
I’m going to work on the freelance DT for EK Success and get paid! How lucky am I?
I’m going to finish painting all the trim (and nag Eric to finish the last few baseboards that he’s been putting off).
I’m going to mount curtain rods and hang curtains.
I’m going to use the hoard of fabric that’s been sitting in my studio to make 800 throw pillows and cushions.
I’m going to stalk craigslist and make too many trips to Ikea to fill the house with more furniture than necessary to get that cozy feeling that I so desperately want.
I’m going to finish that hex quilt that I started two years ago that was only supposed to take six months so that I can finally put it on our bed.
I’m going to gather five acres worth of river cobble to be repurposed when we relandscape.
I am going to find the perfect shades of steel blue and mustard to paint accent walls in the living and family rooms.
I will go to Home Goods 82 times hoping to find the right lamp base and shade combo for the new Edlund night stands in our bedroom.
And other, crafty things, like creating a website for online classes, and painting, and maybe even some actual scrapbooking with photos that I like.
And 8,992 other things I’ve had on my list for the last year and a half.
I’ll check in here as often as I can, but if you’re here for the paper portion of the blog title, you may be disappointed. The life and scissors will still be applicable, though. So I hope to see you around!