Saturday, February 4, 2012

Project Life


 As promised, I am here to share what I've got so far in my PL12 drawer. And I've got to say, this has been the most relaxing, easy-to-do scrappy endeavor I have attempted in quite a while. This has been such a great month for me - I've been able to do some much-needed relaxing, while also being able to mix in lots of little projects around the house, time with good friends and family, and let's not forget CHA, shall we?

So here it goes from the top:

I have wanted to do this project for so long, and have put it off because of how much time I thought it would take, but I have to say, I am sooooo pleased at how it is going so far! It's the perfect format for me - large enough for a full size picture, but small enough that it doesn't have to take more than a few minutes per page if I don't want it to.
See you at the end of the month for February's month in review!

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  1. Glad all is well and you enjoyed your month! love the pics and journal cards. Your hubby is an ambitious fella! (previous posts). I am envious of your weather! While very mild here... still cold and gloomy.