Monday, June 18, 2012

This weekend I got a yummy box of goodies from Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft and I. AM. IN. LOVE.
They sent some of the new Mix & Match packs and I love how it's like, "Hi. We are a series of totally different products that pair perfectly together. Use us. Try us out. Give us a go around. You will love us." 

They were right. I love this little opportunity to experiment with some schtuff that I've never used much before. The coolest part is being able to pull from my stash of acrylic paints, mediums, and scrappy scraps and making something that had no rhyme or reason. It just is what it is. 


I decided the first thing I wanted to do was to play in my art journal, which let's face it, is sorely neglected.
So I laid down some Aquarelles and Gelatos for some basic color, then went over the top with a layer of gel medium and pattern tissue to get some fun texture. I squirted a dab of white acrylic paint over the tissue, and scraped it down with a playing card. Then I added just a couple pieces of ephemera and coated them with more gel medium.

After I decided I was happy with the basic shapes I had laid down, I decided to add some texture and dimension with a few stamps. I used my black Stamper's Big Brush Pen directly onto the stamp and smashed that baby down!

See those black wrinkly crinkly yummy lines? Those are made using a black Gelato with no water added. Just go straight over the texture you made with the tissue, using some pretty light pressure and let them sit for a couple minutes to dry up a little. If you add water, prepare for some bleeding!

I also added some more color around the page using more Stamper's Big Brush pens and blending with my finger.

I found that I was close to having an empty bottle of gem medium, so I added some pearl pen to it to spread it out, and it made the most awesome pearly surface that worked so well to add lots of layers to the page. TRY IT!

The end result is actually probably still a work in progress. I'm thinking I might add a tiny photo to the top right side of the page with maybe some more embellishment. I dunno. So for now I just look at it and love it. 

That heart just makes me smile. I love that the next day my finger is still a little black and pink from making that heart. And I love that there is so much "history" in that heart with the 82,000 layers of ink that I laid down.
Remember, if at first you don't absolutely LOVE it, just go over it some more. Blend blend blend!

Happy Monday!


  1. Absolutely love it Britt, looks like you had great fun creating this. Lee x

  2. I'm so happy you found your happy place again!! It's great to have you back! :)
    Scrappin' For Kenzie

  3. I love it! The heart made me smile just like you when I read your thoughts. Jill