Friday, July 13, 2012

 Guess who's rockin' it over at The Spotted Canary for the next couple of weeks? ME! I am so loving my job with EK Success right now, I can't even tell you! They are so generous and it's so much fun and such a great challenge to get to play with all the yumminess that they send me.

Here's a snippet:

I can't tell you how surreal it is to go to a real life legitimate manufacturer's site and see my work, much less my chubby mug! I can't say that Eric's exactly thrilled to see his face in that jar, but we'll just ignore that part...
So be sure to head on over to The Spotted Canary for some fun ideas and tutorials!!

And in other news...

New schtuff in the shop! We had the best girly, crafty, gluttonous weekend here at Casa de Kvilhaug, and made lots of fun stuff for the shop. But really, it was a weekend for making all those pretty girly foods that I never get to make for the hubbs. Because well, he has an aversion to ingredients that didn't start their lives with legs. If you can't kill it, then he doesn't eat it! wink wink... 
I was marginally productive. Terri was very productive. Mamala was over-the-top, make-me-sick-she-got-so-much-done productive. She was a modpodging machine!
Have a great weekend, everyone!!
I'll be back on Monday with an actual layout to show you! Crazy, I know!

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