Friday, September 7, 2012

I loved putting that Halloween Pinboard together so much that I immediately felt inspired to make something super crafty! And what better than something that would let me use up lots of scraps and some great little materials that were literally just lying around. Love that.

So I wrapped a polystyrene wreathe in some jute and made about a thousand little paper rosettes. I stuck those babies down, added some paper leaves and corkscrew floral wire, and then topped it all off with a canvas banner.

And I love it. So I'm making another one for myself, and this one's going on ETSY! Hurry hurry, if you want it!
Happy Friday!!


  1. Great job Britt!! It's beautiful!


  2. Love it! And thank you for making me one! I forgot to pay you! Next time I see you:)