Monday, September 3, 2012

Well, not yet. But soon, and that means it's time to plan, right?
I have to say, I am a true-lover of holidays. I love all the decorating, the food, the gatherings, the everything!! I so look forward to having lots of kids around and being the cool mom who makes a birthday party into a partaaaay!!! I love adding those special details to make things extra special! 
That said, I have such a small stockpile of holiday goodies built up that I generally focus all my decorating into one or two areas of the house. That used to be the mantle and a corner of the kitchen counter. And now the mantle is gone, so.......hmmmm........
So I am in planning mode BIG TIME!! And where do I go for inspiration? Oh, I dunno....where oh where could I go?
Thank you, Pinterest. Thank you.

7: Halloween Print from who knows where...
10: Keep em fresh! from Pinterest

 I hope this gives you a few ideas for your own Halloween plans!

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