Thursday, November 15, 2012

I sometimes forget that while it feels like I am always working on something, always turning in projects, and always have something on the drawing board, that most of you don't get to see those projects for months down the line, if at all. As is the case with my work for The Spotted Canary and all of the EK Success Brand Sites, including K&Co, EK Tools, Jolee's Boutique, Inkadinkado, and Laliberi.

I've told you a little bit about my job with them before, but I have to say again what a stinkin' lucky lady I am to be able to work for them! My boss, Toni, is the sweetest and most generous chick ever (even though she probably won't like me calling her such a slangy term as a chick! wink wink... ) and she keeps me stocked up on fun product and challenging projects all the time!

Last month I turned in my Christmas projects, and they are just starting to go live on the Spotted Canary site! It was definitely a scary thing to be assigned a theme that is so NOT "me", like the Apres Ski projects that I made. I mean, I looooove the sophistocated Ralph Lauren-ee leather and plaid and metal studs equestrian look in theory, but I can tell you there is not a single thing in my house or albums that looks like that!!

But I must say that I am so pleased with how all of my projects turned out. It is harder than it looks to take a box of product that you didn't choose (and in some cases wouldn't have ever chosen if I were actually given the choice) and turn them into something that fits the assigned requirements and that you can actually be proud to put your name on. I mean, I could crank out a bunch of crap all day long, and there would be a lot of people that would accept it as okay, but I would be humiliated!! So I take a lot of pride in the work that I do with EK Success because it is always a challenge - sometimes an easy one, sometimes really tough - but it is always rewarding to see the final product come together.

For these projects I was give a theme call Apres Ski, the color pallet that went with it, and a pamphlet of different examples of the theme used throughout the fashion/home/design industries, and a big box of product. My box had tons of felt and metal studs to go along with the theme, as well as several punches, some paper and then I added whatever extras I needed. I LOVE those Christmas trees I made - they were so simple but I would totally put them in my house. And the felt wine bottle cozy is so not something I would use, but I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to stitch some really high quality felt. I love the effect, and can use the technique with a different color pallet that will be great for my house! There are other projects at the site, and more to come that haven't been posted yet, too.

So that's all for today. I'm finishing up some work for SRM Press this week that is also in that category of I-can't-show-you-until-CHA, so I'm hoping that I will get a little bit of time this weekend to play with some project life goodies again, cause God knows I dropped the ball on that project...

And for those of you who haven't entered the last Freebie Friday, be sure to hop over to that post and get your entries in!

Happy Almost Friday!!


  1. You are one busy lady!! Can't wait to see what else you come with. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. Everything you make - whether you like it or not is always A++ :-)

  3. You know I love everything you do!!But seriously, those trees were stinkin awesome! Can't wait to make some!!!