Friday, December 7, 2012

 Well, it's a week late, but I'm finally posting my December Daily, because I have just enough optimism left in me this year to delude myself into thinking that I will complete it! Isn't that nice? I am not posting every page in the album, but here are some of my faves.


 So this is it. I have to start by saying that I had to make myself buy a pre-made album, lest I be tempted to make it as I went, as I did last year, when I got a wopping five days into it and called it quits. But as I am super optimistic this year, or rather shall we just say that I am trying to be a tad more realistic, I opted for the pre-made Recollections Travel binder from Michael's. Yes. I bought Recollections brand supplies. For shame, I know. But I must say, I love this thing! And I must also here clarify that I actually bought TWO albums - this green-spined travel album and a black-spined everyday album - and combined the pages from the two. I grabbed this "Let it Snow" fabric-covered wooden laser cut from the dollar bin at Michaels (which I think is actually like the dollar fifty bin now) and added a little wooden veneer deer with a heart gem and some jingle bells. It's still sort of evolving, though, and every couple of days I look at it and think, "This is all wrong."

I am using a mix of supplies I already have - some Crate Paper, an old Collage Press Christmas line I found in my stash, and a smattering of alpha stickers, Thickers and miscellaneous embellies. I am really trying to keep it simple this time around - not too many embellies, a little more on the flat side, focusing on the story rather than the bulk.

This is the front pocket of the album, which I have claimed as my birthday pocket. Since it is so close to the starting date of my DD2012, and because I didn't really feel up to creating a whole layout (and to be more honest, taking a picture of myself) I just used this space to make a mini page about my birthday.

 Then I tucked my birthday cards in behind it.


This is the intro page, where I solemnly vow to keep up with things this year... Just added a simple journaling spot and some popped up snowflaskes. This "hello" page is one of the many reasons I opted to buy the readymade thing. Some of the pages are just too stinkin' adorable.

 Day 2
A tissue tape (because Tim Holtz is too cool to call it Washi...) Christmas Tree with a tiny bit of journaling around it and my favorite gold foil 2 from this pack of stickers.

Day 4
It doesn't really get any simpler than this, and that's the point. Just a few lines about our anniversary. And another sticker from my favorite pack.
For the record, I do actually have pictures in this album, but I'm learning the hard part about premade albums is making pictures work with the designs already on the pages. Also, trying to decide between 3x4 normal prints or instagram is eluding me at this point - LOVE the editing features of Instagram, but not loving the squareness on every page. 

Day 5
A day with a picture. Spent the day organizing and cleaning and working on updating days 1-5 of the DD2012. And then realized that my printer was almost out of blue ink. Lovely. Punched some holes through it and slapped a shipping tag on the back to journal on.

So that's all for today. Don't forget to enter the Christmas Freebie - you have until next Friday!
Have a great weekend! We're going to Eric's office Christmas party tomorrow night, and Sunday I will be recovering from the massive hangover I always get, so I'll see you next week!

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  1. I actually bought the same premade album for my december daily! It was very hard for me at first but i made the pages work and actually loved the way they turned out!