Saturday, December 22, 2012

Well,  I've spent the entire day in my studio finishing up some last minute projects and updating the blog a bit with new favorite places and thought, "I haven't posted up a regular old 'hi, you are ya?' post in a while." So. Hi. How are ya? I feel like all my posts are just giveaways lately - which is fine by me, and you, I'm sure - but I often don't post up the "in progress" stuff because, well, I'm anal and like things to be good and done before I get feedback. But the whole point of this stinkin' blog is to share my life; for you now, and for my family to look back on in the future. And really, they're probably not going to care what I gave away. They will want to know what's really going on.

Had to make new stockings because the old ones just didn't fit enough in them. And then I had to make something to hang them on as we demolished the old mantle. Screwed some vintage glass knobs onto a board (thanks, Weezuh!) and slapped it on the wall. Voila.

1.  Last night I had Eric help me with a project I'm making for the rent-a-kidlets that I've been asking for help with for over a week, which he's been way too busy to do. I mean, he had A LOT of laying on the couch to do, so it's totally understandable, right? But last night he finally got around to it and after about 7 minutes he was finished. So then he could go back to laying on the couch. And my ovaries were like, "Really? You couldn't find SEVEN minutes to help me at any point in the last like, NINE days?!" But then I remembered that he has spent three of them traveling for work, two of them being sick as a dog, and that I hadn't cooked a meal for him in about a week either. So we called it even and ate a friggin' amazing pot roast, which had been cooking for five and a half hours in the new Le Creuset French Oven, and I swear it was the best roast I've ever made.

2.  I got up to use the little girls room at about 3o'clock this morning and when I went to lay back down, I pulled back the covers and sat right on Eric. And he burst out laughing. Yeah, he thought that was a great joke. And it was - but mostly because he was lucid enough at 3o'clock in the morning to think that it would be funny. It took me a second to realize that he did it on purpose, and then I couldn't stop smiling that my husband still likes to be playful, even at 3o'clock in the morning, even though my size 16 self probably gave him bruises he wasn't expecting.

3.  My size 16 ass has knocked the stupid entry table about 16 times today. Because not even my brain can believe it's gotten so big.

4.  I made lists for myself today for the next eleven days that I have off. And I added three things to today's list that I had already done, just so I could cross them off. Because that's the kind of crazy I am.

5.  Eric came an hour ago to ask if I could help him pull the bobcat out of the mud. And man, in his work clothes and boots, with two days of scruff on his face that make his blue eyes even bluer, did he look goooooood. So I agreed to help him, but only because he's so cute.

6.  I signed up to take Day by Day with the girls at Studio Calico, to get myself going on my second attempt at Project Life and I cannot wait! I so seldom take classes because number one I hate taking classes, and number two I rarely ever walk away feeling that I learned anything. But this one sounds like just what I need to get on the right path and is a great deal!

7. Last week I gave him a haircut and I noticed he has some more grey coming in around his temples. I like it. So I said that I liked his stress greys because I know they're there because of me. To which he responded that if those are stress greys, then I need not worry that I'm the cause. Happy sigh...

8.  It took a HUGE load of stress off of me, because I often worry that I just add to his already heavy load of responsibility. Bonus: I still get the hotness of the greys without the worry that I'm the cause. yesssssss.

9.  I find that after nearly ten years of being together and two years of real marriage, buying and remodeling a house, forty pounds, and waiting nine months for him to hang a curtain rod, I am happier than we started all those years ago. And plan on feeling the same way in ten more years.

10. Life is good.

Hope you're enjoying life as much as I am.



  1. Dear Britt,
    A) You're welcome! (Unless you know more than 1 Weezuh & you weren't talking to me - to which I say
    1a) awkward and 2a) nevermind)
    2) Your happy makes my heart happy.
    Lastly) You is fuhhhnyyyy!
    Much love,

  2. Merry Chrismas Britt,
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday and I hope each year gets better. I gave my man a whole head of grey hairs and I think each one makes him better looking to me! Life is definately good. Enjoy it!

  3. Britt,

    I am happy for you that you are happy, that you have a husband to love and who loves you. Don't worry about the size 16 thing, I am fighting the same fight too (medicine made me gain over 70lbs. In less than a year!) but we are both still here and that is what is important. Thanks for sharing your talent, and your life, with all of us. You have made my day. Ore times than I can count. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year!