Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nom Nom Nom and a Freebie

Ima foodie. I think food. I love food. I eat too much food...

And really, I've always been a chunky girl, and I'm fine with that. I don't want to be skinny. Really. I would love to lose some weight, but I'm my happiest at 150 lbs. And at 5'-0" that's considered obese. And I'm fine with that, too.

Because I'm happy. I am fat and happy. I am not skinny and miserable. I never want to be skinny and miserable. Not to say all skinnies are miserable, not at all. I know plenty are gorgeous girls who are amazing and beautiful and smart and healthy and happy. Some of these girls really have to work at it and some are just born with the metabolism of The Flash.


Now, I on the other hand, was born with a metabolism more like Jabba the Hutt. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat or how active I am, I just seem to settle out and plateau no matter what I do. But I also have to be careful about what I do because of my joints. It never fails that I get into a workout routine that I enjoy, then wind up turning my ankle or messing up my knee and am on the sidelines for weeks, where I inevitable just gain more than what I started with.

So really, it's better for me to just not work out at all, right? HA! Did I just try to justify that? I'm always doing that... The proof is in the pin, too - if you look at my pinboards over at Pinterest, you can see for yourself. Of the bajillion boards I pin to, one is called "Ima Foodie" and one is called "I work ooouuut!" and I think you'll find that there are about a tenth of a percent of the pins on one board over the other. I'll let you figure out which one...

And I do go through this cycle of, "Fuck it, I don't care, I'll just be Paula Deen or Ina Garten and wear big blousy shirts and eat whatever I want." I mean, they're happy right? Their husbands love them. They're successful.

And then I think, "Gotta lose this weight, gotta eat healthy, gotta be Miss Perfect." I mean, I'm capable, I have will power, I can do it!

So I've turned my 20 pounds of "happy weight" from ten years ago, when Eric and I first got together, into 50 pounds of still happy and here I am today. Happy. My husband loves me just the way I am. But I still feel like I can do better.

But I don't want to be a lunatic diet freak or a crazed gym fanatic. I don't expect to lose 50 pounds overnight. Especially when we're talking about babies soon. Setting an unrealistic goal is not what I am about.

What I am about is doing right by my body. Which means cutting back on the crap, loading on the good stuff, and never loosing sight of the fact that we only get one life. And in that life I plan to do my level best, but also know that when I get together with the girls, Ima eat some crap. Some ooey gooey chocolate or caramel covered in sea salt. I just am.

But I do want to keep track of that. I want to have a realistic image of what I put in my body and how I can improve.
Enter the food tracker.

I designed this based on my own needs, but if it works for you, feel free to swipe it for yourself! Just click the image to download the full sheet.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Weekend Recap!

We spent this last Saturday at the consignment sale with the girls from Scrap Again and had a great time!

Last year we brought a whole car full of schtuff to sell, but this year we managed just a respectable four bins. Even though Mamala brought the equivalent of at least one bin back with her... And I managed to grab some super cute little deals myself - last season's stuff, but it's all the same for me. Good stuff now is good stuff six months for me when you are like me and just buy the everyday basics that last forever.

 Love me some gold rimmed brads from Dear Lizzy and the best little bag of cast-off buttons and a little Amy Tan Stamp. Not to mention that cute little piece of flair from Marcy Penner for Studio Calico.

We knew we wouldn't get much time to actually get much work done, so we just brought the basics. These letters are seriously cute all naked straight from the store, but throw a little glitter on them and they are precious.
And we'll be working on the same stuff this coming weekend at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique's National Scrapbook Day Crop in Chico. I was hoping to actually work on catching up on the month of March and April in my Project Life Album, but until I actually splurge on the HP Officejet 100 portable printer that I say hi to every time I go to Staples, I'm afeeered I'll be leaving Project Life at home. Le sigh...

And since we're on topic, I do actually have every intention of continuing. I mean, I've bought enough stuff to supply me for PL for at least a decade... So we'll see how it goes. May 18 is the bridal shower Mamala and I are throwing for Kate and so my eyes are on May 20 when I am back at home and back to a semi-normal schedule until the rehearsal dinner and wedding on June 15. And come June 16 life returns (hopefully) to normal. Not that I haven't enjoyed the crazy amounts of crafting and every single digit scorched by my SOB hot glue gun...

Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lists are my downfall...

I like lists. Everything about them. Sitting down to make them, adding as much crap to them as possible to see if there is any way in hell I can actually cross off all the line items on them. And ooooooh the feeling of crossing off an item on that list. I add things I've already done to lists just to be able to cross them off. And then looking at that list at the end of the day to see what I've accomplished. Or not accomplished, as is often times the case...

My new favorite list-making tool is the one over at and holy bejesus is it addicting! I've been making lists of baby stuff that I very clearly need for the fetus that I am not yet even carrying. I mean, right? It's slightly mental, but I prefer to refer to it as just being well prepared. Like really well prepared. For getting some pretty awesome baby swag.

It's become the thing I do when I have a spare few minutes. It used to be Pinterest, but no more. Gasp. I know... But really, retail therapy has always made me feel better and this pretty much does it for me. And saves me massive mulah. 

And it doesn't help that it's so easy to accumulate mountains of good stuff... Or that you can make endless kinds of lists. Of course, right now what dominates my hormonal brain is the soon-to-be fetus...

 You just search out what you want (or if you're like me, don't really know what you need, just that you're having too much fun clicking) and choose color/size/quantity where applicable and click "add to list."

Then add it to whichever list you want. And then add a wrist brace to a new list because your wrist is screaming at you for all the damned clicking you've been doing and don't forget a pair of glasses because you're eyes are completely strained beyond repair after 18 hours of squinting into the wee hours.

And if you're too embarrassed to make your lists public, you can always keep them private until you're ready to share them. Like me. But then I blog about it, so what the hell...

Now go over to and register to start making your own lists! You will seriously love it. 

And no, they didn't pay me to post this. I am actually this weird.

Happy Thursday, peeps. And happy clicking ;)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Mamala's Day!

Not really. We've got a few more weeks. Calm down.

I just wanted to share my first blog post that went up today over at The Spotted Canary Blog. It's a project I actually made last year that got a wee bit lost in the shuffle. But that's okay, because I'm pretty sure Mother's Day comes every year. So take a gander and get crafting!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Get on your Birkenstocks, everyone - it's Earth Day! Um yeah, I live on five acres of Earth. Lots of weeds. Lots of six and eight legged creatures. Don't even get me started on the opossums. YUCK. 

So this year I was assigned a project for EK to honor this day. It's posted over here at the Spotted Canary. It's a pretty simple little project, but that's how I'm trying to keep it these days! Birds. Sticks. Paper flowers. Doneski.

Have a great day!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Font Friday!

I'm getting ready to make a trip to Fresno this weekend for some quality time with Mamala and The Sis. We're getting to the tail end of my mom's kitchen remodel and my sis's wedding budget, so we decided to have a yard sale! Out with the old for Mamala and in with a wedding dress for Kate. Wish us luck...
Some of you know that I made a font palette for Project Life. Some of you call me a nerd. Some of you are right. But I don't care. I love me some fun fonts and here are a few I found this week that I added to my collection.

I hope you love these as much as I do!
Happy downloading, and remember, downloading fornts for over an hour qualifies as both work and research. Just in case someone asks. Cause sometimes they do. Especially when your desktop is entirely filled with zipped file folders...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Sunday...

So many things to get done today, and I've made pretty good progress.

 Aaaaaand this totally counts as blogging two days in a row. 
Just for the record.

 Happy Sunday!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

 I know what you're going to say. And yes, it's February in April. I am totally aware of how ridiculous this is. But hey, at least it's done. And I kinda like it...

We had a girl's weekend with tons of fun, food, painting, wedding planning, food, and this amazing sea salt dark chocolate from Nugget Market which just happens to be my favorite grocery store EVER. We grated it over these Lesley Stowe Original Crisps - expensive as hell but totally worth it - with brie, red pepper flakes and honey. I know you're saying, "Um, ew," but let me just tell you that the sounds that emitted from my mother's mouth were downright wrong. So wrong I just had to try it myself. And she was right. Nom nom nom.

 I managed to get the worst sinus infection ever for an entire week, which left me clinging to the couch for dear life. And I managed to clear out the entire queue on our DVR, which was quite the accomplishment, I gotta say. And I managed to make up some pretty sweet 3x4 cards to cut on the Cameo. The first set went over pretty well, so I figured I'd offer up the rest of them for you. Keep reading - you'll find them at the end.

My favorite part of all is that I can finally say with all confidence that I love my own handwriting. I didn't used to. But now it's just crappy enough to be unique, and I find that I'm not so quick to type my journaling out these days. And as odd as it sounds, finding the perfect pen is the real trick.  My fave is the Uniball Vision Elite in .5mm. It's smooth and sort of creamy and never skips. And this friggin' thing lasts forever!

 How stinkin' cute is that poonum? He cracks me up every time...
I decided to add some journaling about our crafty weekend but didn't want it to be super obvious. So I cut a piece of vellum to layer over the top, added some Thickers and used my Tiny Attacher to finish the job. So simple but just perfect.

I decided to add in a 5x7 sleeve with the card from Chevy for my new Equinox that we got in October. You know, the one I've washed twice since that awesome day. Yeah, I'm a super responsible adult.

Here's one of the freebie 3x4 cards I'm giving out today. I loooooove text blurbs and this one is exactly what I needed! Hopefully it's what you need, too! Those alphas are from Basic Grey and I think I might need to get about twenty more sheets of them...

 Some Martha Stewart Air-Dry Clay roses I made. You just might find them in an upcoming class over at the Spotted Canary. And can I just say, April is a little like Brittny month over there with how many of my projects are up and are going to keep popping up. Very exciting!
Also exciting is how close I am to being finished with my hex quilt. Finally. At long last. The end. Is. Near.

 Valentine's Day kinda snuck up on me this year. Eric asked early in the week if we could maybe possibly kinda sorta postpone celebrating until Saturday. He had many reasons. And they were sound. And so I relented. And when Thursday rolled around and in he rolled with a big bouquet of roses and a handmade cardboard three-page ziptie-bound card and all I had was my easy peasy Cameo cut card, I felt a little stupid. Of course he would do that. He's pretty sweet that way.

Cameo, you make life easier. That's all there is to it...

 The mini version of my amazing card from the hubbs. Had to include it.

The last page. Love the little Random fact card from the Smash collection. They make the best filler cards. And there you have a rare snapshot of yours truly. With a pretty accurate expression and completely appropriate title. On the right is the little collection of February-ee thingies that I was going to use to make up a layout. But alas, I said no to that idea. I'm so over February. Not only that, but really, everything made it into the other sleeves. I didn't really have anything super important to add. So why make more work for myself, right?

And here's the other freebie for today. This 3x4 Happy Mail card as well as the quote bubble card, are both available in three formats, to fit whatever you might want to do with them. Just click on the links below to download them and get right to work!

And here is the freebie! Click on the image for Studio files. The other formats are listed below. Click on each to automatically download and then get to printing and cutting!

Here's what I've got so far for March. Um yeah. I'm getting to work riiiiiight noooooow. Right after a mow and weedeat five acres. Because I'm sure to be in a super creative frame of mind after that. We'll see...

Have a great weekend!

Monday, February 25, 2013

I suck at blogging...

It's true. I try, but I just suck at it. Even now, I have to be honest. I wrote those first two sentences and got totally distracted by Vanderpump Rules. Don't judge. It's disgustingly addictive... So half an hour later I'm back and while I'd like to show you all the wild and crazy and terribly productive things I've been doing lately, what I've got is just this.

A picture of a potato.

Congratulations, Britt, your life is so boring you took a picture of the baked potato you dropped on the floor tonight. The sad thing? Total strangers commented on it on Instagram. So at least I'm not the only one.

And then right after I dropped that potato I realized that there was no milk for the baked potato soup already cooking on the stove. So what's a girl with no makeup, caterpillars on her forehead, hair in a wet bun, braless, with bleach stains on her most unflattering brown sweatpants and a blog post to write to do but ask her husband to run to the store for her? Right? I mean, the last time I asked him to do that for me was like, Thanksgiving! I NEVER ask him for stuff like that, but don't think he didn't bitch and moan like I was asking him to go have a full body wax. It was that dramatic. Good thing he ate half of a loaf of french bread on the drive back. Lest he starve or something...

In other news, I'm trying to get geared up for my trip to Disney with Mamala this weekend. We've been looking forward to it for a long time, and now that it's here I think I might be chemically unbalanced because I'm not nearly as excited as I should be. I think it just hasn't really clicked that we're taking a little mini vacation all of our own with no dramatic strings attached and that it's just gonna be good times and fatty food. Um yeah, paleo? See ya in a week, boo, cause this chick is having a corn dog from Disney whenever she feels like it. That's right, I said it. 

Speaking of Paleo... I refuse to buy a scale because I would just check it every single time I pee or sneeze, hoping the number will magically decrease by 40. BUT I will say that I notice a difference in my pants. Not a huge deal, but good to see a little progress. And that is all I'm gonna say about that.

So happy Monday, peeps. I'll try to suck less at this blogging thing ;)

P.S. I washed my car for the first time EVER today. We bought it in October. And seriously, it was so covered with dirt, it didn't even look dirty from a few feet away. Just looked like a tan car. It's supposed to be white. Sad. And. Pathetic. But now it's sparkly, and smells like lemons inside, so it's all good. Goodbye scrub brush, see you in another four months.

Friday, February 15, 2013

January in Review

That's right! Here it is the middle of February, and I'm just now posting this! So to make up for it, I'm adding some 3x4 cards for you to download. They're at the bottom of the post. Hang in there. This is a long one...

LOVE my cover page. It's the first real hybrid anything that I've made. I'm also especially in love with pink and gold right now. Used Studio Calico's twentythirteen stamp brush, too, and some AC Thickers and Fifth & Frolic stickers.

Decided to add a layout for the month. Will probably try to do this every month. Used the scraps from the rest of the month. LOVE THAT. Also, I used the sequins and thread that came in that little Ziploc baggie of thread and buttons that come with knit tops. Cuz you know if I lose a sequin on my top, I am never going to take the time to sit and fix it.

 InstaJanuary. Although, I printed "Insta" in the wrong pink. Waaaaay too light. Then a little blurb about each photo in the left margin.

This month, all in all, has been a great. I worked a little more than usual with the rent-a-kidlets which meant more fun, more mommy training, and more mulah. Kate had to go into the hospital again, got bad news, and now is at home with Thomas feeling pretty good, all things considering, and has resumed the wedding planning. Mom has been yo-yoing from Fresno to Antioch for a couple months and has a big ol kitchen remodel going on at home that is nothing but chaos. Eric has been working on everyone's race car but his own, and while he adamantly claims that welding in gymnasticee poses while spewing a litany of four-letter words inside said racecar is not his hobby, I think he's smoking something... I have the all-important job of pressing the pedal on the Tig welder when he can't reach it. And can I say, there is nothing quite so boring. But it's nice to help.

Tried to stick to the color palette that I made up - yes, I'm a nerd - and I am loving it so far! I decided to stick to just a few basic colors, then I can add as I go. Kraft, white, grey and pink are the most basic. Then I can add in yellow and teal as secondary colors to tie in all the different patterned papers I have set aside for my album. Sounds complicated, actually very easy. It basically just helps me keep a cohesive look throughout the album. Otherwise I will end up with color vomit. It's happened. It wasn't pretty.

Love using my Silhouette Cameo for this, too! Making 3x4 cards has become a little bit of an obsession for me, I must admit.

LOVE the 3x4 monthly printables from Finding Nana, which you can get HERE. And I'm trying to keep things simple - not too much 3-D-ness, ya know? But, I can't resist a good wood veneer. Crate Paper - YUMMMM.

Decided to add in this Design J pocket to the album to make a Studio layout.

Sticking with one style of Thickers per layout. Still figuring out what I like...

So I decided to add a little sleeve dedicated to the studio. Just a few of my favorite pics of the layout right now.

This month started an all new project and a scrap room purge. I constantly purge the room, so not anything big and exciting there. The goal is to get all the little stashes out of the other bedroom closets, so that everything crafty is limited to just the studio. When we moved into this house I picked the smallest room to be my studio, and knew I would have to do a lot of purging to make everything fit. And not just be crammed in - actually fit in an efficient and good-looking way. Because when this room gets all wonky I tend to just ignore it until I can't take it anymore and do a massive purge.

 The right side ended up looking a little blah, but oh well. I'm liking designing so much in photoshop, but I need to add a little more dimension. Next month, right? That's what I like so much about this - if this month didn't turn out quite like I wanted, I can try again on the next spread because the premise is still the same.

Epoxy Dots from My Mind's Eye and Wood Veneers from Studio Calico. I have a small problem with these...

 I wanted to include the recipe for the cookies I used, so I printed the photo on mylar and tiny attached them to the front of the card. Then you can see it behind through the photo, or take it out to look at it.

So now that you have stuck with me, here are the freebie 3x4 Card Cut Files!

***And for those of you who are not using Silhouette Studio Designer Software, these are available as SVG and DXF as well as PNG to print. The links for each are under the images below. Hope that helps! And thanks Rachel, for the heads up!***

Potty Mouth SVG
Potty Mouth DXF
Potty Mouth PNG
Valentine's Day SVG
Valentine's Day DXF
Valentine's Day PNG

And here is a little sneak of what I've got cooking for February's spreads...

Thanks for sticking in there with me today! Can I just say, this was supposed to take like, an hour to write, and four hours later I'm just now finishing up?! Our internet is ridic...

Have a great weekend and be sure to tag me when you use your cut files - I'd love to see what you do with them!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I am loving this InstaSeries! I mean, I'm using a lot of the same images for my Project Life Spread, but it's nice to see them all together as one big broad overview of the month. Speaking of which, my big plan for the evening is printing and laying out the last of my January photos. It's really all I can manage at this point. I am majorly couching it this week, at least as much as I can stand it. I hate sitting still. I can barely watch TV without my quilt to work on, Facebook, Instagram, or a game on my phone, or sudoku or knitting or anything to keep my hands busy. So I'm rreeeeaaaally looking forward to some clear sinuses/ears/lungs so I can actually DO something around here.

Hope you're all having a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm siiiiiiick

I have been meaning to write a post to end all posts. One huge, long crazy post about all things January. Project Life, InstaJanuary, Etsy shop items, going Paleo, and some random projects around the house. But life just keeps getting in the way. I was supposed to get all of these things accounted for - including finishing up the last few bits of my January Project Life spreads - this weekend at our little girly crafty weekend at my house. BUT I lost my mojo and then got really sick with a massive sinus infection that literally felt like my head would burst. Lovely image, I know.

So yeah, I'm alive today and feeling slightly better. Luckily I was able to take off of work today and Thursday was already axed, and since I only work Tuesdays and Thursdays, that means I have the whole week off. Which also means I have no excuse to get all this done. Unless of course my head explodes.

So hang in there - I have lots of good stuff coming up, including maybe a little giveaway...

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Spotted Canary

Here are some of my Spotted Canary projects that found their way into this new card class that was just released. The class is technique heavy, step by step video instructions, and FREE, so head on over and get registered!

I have to say, designing this card class was probably one of the most fun groups of projects I've done for EK Success so far. The class was based on using some kind of glitter/bling on each project, showing different ways of integrating into each project. I love each of them for different reasons, even the floral one at the bottom. It's not at all my aesthetic, but it gave me an opportunity to play with a new technique and stretch my imagination. There are six cards in the class, and these are the five I contributed. LOVE how the butterfly hand-cut card came out the best!

Happy Monday!