Friday, January 4, 2013

The rest...

I did it. I actually finished my December Daily! For the first time. With only like, 4 pictureless days, no less! And I have to say, it felt reeeeaaaalllllly good to close that sucker up and yell, "I did it I did it I diiiiiiid it!" Eric wandered in a minute later to ask if I was okay, but aside from that, the moment was sweet victory.

And now I feel even more excited/confident to take on my new Project Life 2013 album! I signed up for Studio Calico's Day by Day class last month, and it just started on on Tuesday. Lots of printables, lots of cuttables, and lots of inspiration. Plus lots of other crazies to make me feel a little more normal. That is of course until Eric wanders in and asks why the hell our monthly data limit on our satellite internet is nearly used up. It is at this point that I had to confess I'd been slightly obsessive with pinning and downloading TONS of Project Life crap. Like. A lot.

So now it's time to stop pinning and start cutting and printing!

Here's some more pages from my December Daily 2012.

I have absolutely no idea how I managed to change by background to black without realizing it in those top shots, but I was sooooo not going back to fix them. You understand.

I hope you are all enjoying this new year!

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