Friday, February 15, 2013

January in Review

That's right! Here it is the middle of February, and I'm just now posting this! So to make up for it, I'm adding some 3x4 cards for you to download. They're at the bottom of the post. Hang in there. This is a long one...

LOVE my cover page. It's the first real hybrid anything that I've made. I'm also especially in love with pink and gold right now. Used Studio Calico's twentythirteen stamp brush, too, and some AC Thickers and Fifth & Frolic stickers.

Decided to add a layout for the month. Will probably try to do this every month. Used the scraps from the rest of the month. LOVE THAT. Also, I used the sequins and thread that came in that little Ziploc baggie of thread and buttons that come with knit tops. Cuz you know if I lose a sequin on my top, I am never going to take the time to sit and fix it.

 InstaJanuary. Although, I printed "Insta" in the wrong pink. Waaaaay too light. Then a little blurb about each photo in the left margin.

This month, all in all, has been a great. I worked a little more than usual with the rent-a-kidlets which meant more fun, more mommy training, and more mulah. Kate had to go into the hospital again, got bad news, and now is at home with Thomas feeling pretty good, all things considering, and has resumed the wedding planning. Mom has been yo-yoing from Fresno to Antioch for a couple months and has a big ol kitchen remodel going on at home that is nothing but chaos. Eric has been working on everyone's race car but his own, and while he adamantly claims that welding in gymnasticee poses while spewing a litany of four-letter words inside said racecar is not his hobby, I think he's smoking something... I have the all-important job of pressing the pedal on the Tig welder when he can't reach it. And can I say, there is nothing quite so boring. But it's nice to help.

Tried to stick to the color palette that I made up - yes, I'm a nerd - and I am loving it so far! I decided to stick to just a few basic colors, then I can add as I go. Kraft, white, grey and pink are the most basic. Then I can add in yellow and teal as secondary colors to tie in all the different patterned papers I have set aside for my album. Sounds complicated, actually very easy. It basically just helps me keep a cohesive look throughout the album. Otherwise I will end up with color vomit. It's happened. It wasn't pretty.

Love using my Silhouette Cameo for this, too! Making 3x4 cards has become a little bit of an obsession for me, I must admit.

LOVE the 3x4 monthly printables from Finding Nana, which you can get HERE. And I'm trying to keep things simple - not too much 3-D-ness, ya know? But, I can't resist a good wood veneer. Crate Paper - YUMMMM.

Decided to add in this Design J pocket to the album to make a Studio layout.

Sticking with one style of Thickers per layout. Still figuring out what I like...

So I decided to add a little sleeve dedicated to the studio. Just a few of my favorite pics of the layout right now.

This month started an all new project and a scrap room purge. I constantly purge the room, so not anything big and exciting there. The goal is to get all the little stashes out of the other bedroom closets, so that everything crafty is limited to just the studio. When we moved into this house I picked the smallest room to be my studio, and knew I would have to do a lot of purging to make everything fit. And not just be crammed in - actually fit in an efficient and good-looking way. Because when this room gets all wonky I tend to just ignore it until I can't take it anymore and do a massive purge.

 The right side ended up looking a little blah, but oh well. I'm liking designing so much in photoshop, but I need to add a little more dimension. Next month, right? That's what I like so much about this - if this month didn't turn out quite like I wanted, I can try again on the next spread because the premise is still the same.

Epoxy Dots from My Mind's Eye and Wood Veneers from Studio Calico. I have a small problem with these...

 I wanted to include the recipe for the cookies I used, so I printed the photo on mylar and tiny attached them to the front of the card. Then you can see it behind through the photo, or take it out to look at it.

So now that you have stuck with me, here are the freebie 3x4 Card Cut Files!

***And for those of you who are not using Silhouette Studio Designer Software, these are available as SVG and DXF as well as PNG to print. The links for each are under the images below. Hope that helps! And thanks Rachel, for the heads up!***

Potty Mouth SVG
Potty Mouth DXF
Potty Mouth PNG
Valentine's Day SVG
Valentine's Day DXF
Valentine's Day PNG

And here is a little sneak of what I've got cooking for February's spreads...

Thanks for sticking in there with me today! Can I just say, this was supposed to take like, an hour to write, and four hours later I'm just now finishing up?! Our internet is ridic...

Have a great weekend and be sure to tag me when you use your cut files - I'd love to see what you do with them!


  1. love your style, and started following you on instagram. question; what program are those freebies for? they wouldn't open on my computer.

  2. you're welcome for "the heads up" :)
    thanks so much for making these available in png!

  3. Love what you are doing. I need to create trading cards and this is an inspiration for me to get started! Thanks for sharing.

  4. you are so talented!!

  5. you are so talented!!

  6. Love the cards - thank you so much for sharing!