Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lists are my downfall...

I like lists. Everything about them. Sitting down to make them, adding as much crap to them as possible to see if there is any way in hell I can actually cross off all the line items on them. And ooooooh the feeling of crossing off an item on that list. I add things I've already done to lists just to be able to cross them off. And then looking at that list at the end of the day to see what I've accomplished. Or not accomplished, as is often times the case...

My new favorite list-making tool is the one over at and holy bejesus is it addicting! I've been making lists of baby stuff that I very clearly need for the fetus that I am not yet even carrying. I mean, right? It's slightly mental, but I prefer to refer to it as just being well prepared. Like really well prepared. For getting some pretty awesome baby swag.

It's become the thing I do when I have a spare few minutes. It used to be Pinterest, but no more. Gasp. I know... But really, retail therapy has always made me feel better and this pretty much does it for me. And saves me massive mulah. 

And it doesn't help that it's so easy to accumulate mountains of good stuff... Or that you can make endless kinds of lists. Of course, right now what dominates my hormonal brain is the soon-to-be fetus...

 You just search out what you want (or if you're like me, don't really know what you need, just that you're having too much fun clicking) and choose color/size/quantity where applicable and click "add to list."

Then add it to whichever list you want. And then add a wrist brace to a new list because your wrist is screaming at you for all the damned clicking you've been doing and don't forget a pair of glasses because you're eyes are completely strained beyond repair after 18 hours of squinting into the wee hours.

And if you're too embarrassed to make your lists public, you can always keep them private until you're ready to share them. Like me. But then I blog about it, so what the hell...

Now go over to and register to start making your own lists! You will seriously love it. 

And no, they didn't pay me to post this. I am actually this weird.

Happy Thursday, peeps. And happy clicking ;)

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