Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My New Favorite Layout!

Can I just say, Mommy Brain is a thing. Like, a real live living nightmare. As in, I want coffee, so I go to the coffee maker to make a pot, well not a whole pot because that would be far too much caffeine to ingest while breastfeeding and I don't want to damage the kid anymore than is inescapable, so I go to make 4 cups but have to clean out the grounds from the last mommy pot I made and forgot to clean yesterday, so I dump the grounds into the trash that is overflowing, so I set the filter on the counter to take the trash out, and on my way back in I walk through the laundry room, and the washer has just finished washing, so I go to put the clothes in the dryer, but the last load that I refused to fold at 2 o'clock this morning is still sitting there like a redheaded stepchild and so I stand there on the peel-and-stick vinyl floor tiles that I hate beyond reason and should really paint or do something else artsy to it just to shake things up a bit because after all, it's just the laundry room and no one sees it so Eric won't care, well, he will, but he won't bitch about it, folding the laundry, then deliver it to it's corresponding rooms, then back to the laundry room to throw the wet load into the dryer, then notice that the dryer sheets are out so I should probably get the stepstool to get some more out of the Costco size box that Mom scored at a yardsale a year ago, yeah they lasted a year, and then since I already have the stepstool out, I might as well go get that spiderweb in the corner of the living room I saw last night but can't believe I only just saw it because somehow I'm fairly sure there are at least 72 spiders residing in it when the humans are out of the room, but in the right light it really is practically invisible, so I can't really blame myself for not seeing it, and after I put the stepstool back I remember that I was making coffee, and just the thought of liquid makes me have to pee, because some things just carry over from pregnancy that are too weird to think about, so I beeline it to the can because we DO NOT dawdle when it comes to making wee anymore, and once I'm finished I realize that holy shitballs batman do I need to pump these milkbags, and how could I have forgotten to do that when I woke up this morning, so I go to the cabinet to get a bottle out to pump into and there sits my favorite coffee mug.

The coffee.

That I can't drink now because I have to pump.


So you'll understand that while taking a bath last night - and I do take one EVERY NIGHT - I came across the new Sunday Sketches on Studio Calico's Instagram feed and suddenly wasn't tired anymore. Like, WIDE afriggin' wake. So I went in and kissed the hubbs goodnight and told him I was going to stay up for a bit in my studio, which elicited the most shocked and appalled look, and a somewhat flabbergasted response, and skipped off to get some work done. Work that didn't feel like work though. And that's the best part of all.

So here's the layout I made using a combination of the two Sweet & Simple kits from These two kits are seriously adorable. They are a great mix of bright and happy with some cute feminine touches, as well.

I have to say, it felt good to sit and play with a bigger canvas than just the 3x4 cards I've been working with lately. I love the quick and pretty instant gratification from the PL size cards, but sometimes a real layout is just what you need to get your creativity going. I generally hate sketches - I end up feeling trapped - but this was exactly what I needed to dive back into some real scrapbooking. Which by the way I haven't done in over a year. Yeah. Hi, my name is Brittny and I'm a total fraud.

I used the Heidi Swapp "#ilovethis!" stamp from the Daily Diary kit to stamp off on the little arrow square, and it's one of those little techniques that I've seen a trillion times and loved and never done. And now I've done it and I feel compelled to do it again. Love.

Can I just say how much I love that "love" cut file from the Silhouette Store? And in gold foil? Um. Yes.

I love that clear transparency. Of course it started as a 4"x6" card, so I wasted like, 75% of it. But who cares - it's perfect down there in the corner. And that little yellow epoxy dot just makes me all kinds of happy. I can't wait to get my hands on some Perler beads so that I can try out making my own. I hear it makes your house smell horrible. But who cares if it gets you something totally cute, right?

So that's it for today. I'm gonna go have my friggin' cup of coffee now.
Right after I clean out the pot...

Be sure to head over to the main site to get your Sweet & Simple kit - I think there are just a couple left!

Happy Hump Day!!


  1. And she's back!!! :) I haven't been to your blog in a long time!! First congratulations on your new bundle. He is adorable. You are not a fraud. We all need a break. DT's, blogs, etc. are such time suckers. Been there, done that. I am off to peruse for pics of that sweet boy of yours. I am sure you probably have heard it before, but enjoy him. He will grow up FAST! I wish I could shrink mine back. I miss the baby days. Oh, and that mom brain, I totally can empathize. That is so me too, except for many more years as my kids are 26, 16 and 7.

  2. Love the LO! And he is adorable even when he is messing around! LOL

  3. Yes, mommy brain is totally real! I have it but times only gets worse haha