Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pretty Little Studio

Here's some more of January's spread, featuring Pretty Little Studio.

I love that "This Moment" card - it was perfect to add just a tiny amount of journaling to finish it off. And the little gold cloud, butterfly, alpha and word stickers are a very close second. It's crazy how few pictures I actually took the first half of the month. I really had to dig to get the few that are there. If you see how freakishly swollen my feet are, you can imagine how big the rest of me was. So yeah, you're not missing much...

Now the second half of the month - that's a whole other story. There was a brand new baby to look at, and so, from here on out, there will be photo overload.

Here's some closeups of some of the cards I made featuring Pretty Little Studio. Keepin' it simple, friends. It's the only way I'll ever catch up...

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