. About Me .

If you read the name of my blog, then attempted to read my actual name, and are coming up short, never you fear. First, you are not the only one. Second, there is no way that combination of letters equals a real name in any other language than that of the land of Nor. It is pronounced Kuh-vill-ha. I know, I know. Silent G...


I met my hubby Eric at Cal Poly, SLO, where we went to school and have been madly in love ever since. Yes, I'm a sap. He is my best friend and a pretty awesome dude. Yes, I called you an "awesome dude" - deal with it. We graduated in 2008 - he with a Masters in Industrial Technology and general knowitallism, and I with a bachelors in Landscape Architecture and yesifoundahusbandism. He went on to a great career and I went on to scrapbook. Fact is, I picked the wrong major for the times. It was loads of fun, I learned a great many things, and certainly don't regret a minute of it, but in terms of gettingajobability in California right now - not so good.

So here I sit in my studio, surrounded by five acres of (at the moment) super green grass, billions of bugs, tons of cows, goats, chickens, and other assorted vermin. I never thought I'd grow up to be a country girl, but here I am - and I love it! Except for the snakes. Snakes in the house are no bueno.

Until November of 2013, I worked in the scrapbooking industry in any way I could. I taught at local retailers, helped with retailers at Scrapbook Expos, was a member of various design teams, designed CHA workshops for SRM Press, and my favorite of all, worked as an online eductation project creator for EK Success and all the brands under the Wilton umbrella. Such. An. Awesome. Job.

And when I wasn't scrapping for hire, I was looking after my rent-a-kidlets, Ben and Sam. I sat for them for about two years, and I loved watching them grow. Getting to be a part of their almost-everyday lives was not only fun, but such amazing training!

And I can't even begin to say how exciting it is to finally have a reason - not to mention an adorable subject - to scrap about. Which is the biggest reason that I stopped loving scrapping to begin with - no cutie to take pictures of! And let me just say, there are only so many times you can scrap the same damn photo of yourself without feeling like a total narcissist, DT assignment or not.

But lest you think I've been totally uncrafty these last many months, I can assure you I have been BUSY! Lots of projects have been crossed off the list that will eventually be recorded here. And that's another exciting thing about all the changes coming for us - the content here is going to change to include so many different kinds of craftiness!

So that's me.

I love hearing from you, so don't be shy! Email me, friend me, follow me - whatevs! I love new friends and am always looking for a play date!